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2100 Plus Series Combination Sewer Cleaner
Designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems, the Vactor 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaner features increased vacuum performance, improvements to operator comfort and control, and fuel, air routing and filtration efficiency. Preliminary tests show up to 34% decrease in fuel consumption on the 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaner as well as a reduction of the amount of water needed to thoroughly clean lines by utilizing the standard multi-flow water system control. Integrated into the new sewer cleaner are what we refer to as “Smart Truck” features, including the IntelliView™ internal monitoring system provides the operator information such as water flow, engine and vacuum system speeds, hose footage, and other important metrics. Security measures within the system will validate proper sequencing functions in order to prevent misuse of the equipment protecting both your investment and your operators. Continuous system monitoring ensures all safety interlocks are satisfied before a function can be completed. For added safety, the 2100 Plus features standard E-Stops at all operator control stations that, when engaged, will simultaneously disable the Jet Rodder pump and all hydraulic functions, relieve the system vacuum, and bring the chassis to idle; this allows the operator to address the unsafe condition and quickly return to work. 

Available in Fan and PD Configurations
The new fan and air-routing system delivers significantly increased vacuum pressure in both the single-stage and dual-stage fan configurations. It can also be produced with a power positive displacement blower.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance
The design and ergonomic controls on the Vactor 2100 Plus sewer cleaner make it easier to operate, providing an all-around command of the work area. And everything the operator needs to clean sewers is centrally located at the front of the sewer cleaner as well as a convenient side operation station for maximum productivity and efficiency. The hose reel and controls are located at the front of the unit for increased productivity and safety.  In addition, the rotating hose reel creates a flexible, expansive work area that works in combination with the 180 degree rotating vacuum boom.

Exclusive Vactor Jet Rodder® Single Piston Water Pump

The dual action, single piston Vactor Jet Rodder® water pump is now available with up to 3,000 PSI. This is the only pump designed exclusively for sewer cleaning with "Jack Hammer" obstruction breaking operation. With pump options available up to 3,000 PSI, customers can have additional capabilities of high pressure if needed. How the Jet Rodder pump works:

  • The single piston dual acting water pump is designed to be driven hydraulically, and contains only 5 moving parts.
  • The pump’s simple design has a hydraulic cylinder on one side of a sealed center block and a water cylinder on the other side. A single shaft with specially constructed piston heads is slowly driven back and forth.
  • The pump is constantly loading and expelling hydraulic oil and is constantly loading and expelling water.
  • The Jet Rodder pump comes with an unconditional 30 minute run-dry certification.


Vactor 2100 Plus Fan

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